Disclaimer: The information provided in these policies/this section is intended for guidance only. It is not a substitute for professional advice and we cannot accept any responsibility for loss occasioned as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting upon it.
Immigration Legal Advice

City of Sanctuary cannot provide any legal advice, or recommendations for legal help for immigration.

If you need information, advice or guidance with an immigration matter for yourself or someone else, we recommend you contact Asylum Help, part of the Migrant Help organisation

You can also search for a Legal Aid immigration adviser via the government website 

Asylum Aid can provide free, confidential legal advice and representation for asylum seekers and you can talk to them over the phone. They do not provide interpreters, so it helps to have an interpreter if whoever is seeking help does not speak good English.

The Right to Remain toolkit is an online guide to the UK immigration and asylum system.

The Asylum Support Appeals Project (ASAP) can provide advice on asylum support applications and free representation at the Asylum Support Tribunal.

The British Red Cross provides refugee support services in specific areas of the UK but cannot provide legal advice or representation.

The Refugee Council has a directory of services across the UK.

Asylum Support and Housing

If you need information, advice or guidance about asylum support for yourself or someone else, we recommend you contact Asylum Help, part of the Migrant Help organisation

You can use Refugee Council's directory of services to find advice services near you.

Our Housing resources page provides some basic information about housing and dispersal. 

Home Office support

ASAP (Asylum Support Appeals Project) have factsheets on different types of asylum support.

The Home Office has a section on asylum support on their website, including a downloadable version of the application form.

Destitution support

The British Red Cross refugee support services can provide short-term emergency support and destitution advice.

The Refugee Council runs a destitution service in London. Their directory provides details of other destitution services across the country. 

Help for new refugees

Migrant Help has lots of information about what happens after a positive decision and how to access housing and financial support. 

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to give you advice about housing and benefits. There is also lots of information on their website about after you are granted refugee status. 

The Refugee Council has information for people recently granted refugee status including an information pack (2015). They also have advice services in London and Barnsley. 

The Refugee Council employment services help refugees in Greater London access training, volunteering and employment opportunities plus a programme for Refugee Health Professionals

The Restart Refugee Support (RRS) programme aims to help professional refugees support themselves through cost and interest-free loans for activities which lay the groundwork for durable economic integration.

Funding Education

Refugee Study provides a directory of scholarships, grants and awards plus information about getting advice

STAR has a list of Equal Access scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers

The Refugee Support Network provides resources about accessing university and can give telephone or face-to-face advice. 

Future Learn has a short, free online course to help refugees and asylum seekers get the information they need to apply for university in the UK. 

Kiron helps refugees, asylum seekers and IDPs access higher education including access to online courses for those outside its focus countries.

Article 26 Project – Some universities provide bursaries to those who have fled persecution and sought asylum in the UK

Grants, Scholarships and Fellowship Funding Directory 2014

RefuAid Loan Scheme  – Zero interest loans for Short-term training, Exam fees with a professional governing association, Travel expenses to and from an exam, Qualification assessments, Professional association fees, Books and course materials, Living allowance during study time and other related expenses. Check the website for details and see the poster We help you return to work.

Opening a bank account

The Immigration Act 2016 introduced measures that mean asylum seekers are unable to open current accounts (ILPA information sheet Aug 2016)

Information from LASSN (Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network) for refugees on how to open a bank account

The Citizens Advice Bureau also has a section on opening a bank account once you have refugee status (scroll down to the last section)

Accessing health services

NHS England has produced this useful leaflet about registering with a GP with a section which you can show to the receptionist if they refuse to register you.

Please see the Health Stream Resources page for information about healthcare charging and entitlements and how to access advice.

Finding support in your local area

Contact your local City of Sanctuary group for information about services in your area and have a look on their website - some groups have directories of local services. 

Some cities have welcome projects. If you're in Yorkshire & Humberside or the North East, you can self-refer through welcometomycity.uk

If your phone is Apple or Android, you can download the Refugee Aid app which maps local services for refugees.