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Join us as a member

City of Sanctuary UK is a membership organisation.

We have three different Membership options –

  1. Organisational Membership
  2. Individual Membership
  3. And/or Network Membership

We are encouraging all City of Sanctuary groups to sign up as Network Members and as Organisational Members.

Voting Members

Individual and Organisational Members are able to vote at the City of Sanctuary UK AGM.

Membership must be approved by the trustees of City of Sanctuary UK.

Whilst we are not introducing a charge we are asking organisations and individuals to consider making a voluntary contribution in solidarity which will help with the longer term sustainability of the organisation.

In the event that the organisation is wound up, each member may be liable to contribute to any debts that the charity has, up to a maximum of £1.

Become an Individual Member

Any individual aged over 18 can become a member if they share the vision of City of Sanctuary UK.

Register here for Individual Membership

Become an Organisational Member

An organisation can become an Organisational Member if it shares the vision of City of Sanctuary UK.

The organisation will need to nominate a representative who will vote on their behalf.

If your organisation is not constituted, you can nominate one person to represent you who will be an Individual Member.

Register here for Organisational Membership

Network Membership

Network Membership is open to any City of Sanctuary group or Stream.

At present there is no charge for the network member benefits, although a donation, however small, demonstrates an appreciation of the benefits received as a Network Member and contributes to the support we can offer.

Joining as a Network Member

Register here for Network Membership

Supporting Organisations

Any organisation can become a supporter of City of Sanctuary UK by signing our Organisation pledge. This can be in addition to or instead of signing up as a Voting Member. All organisations applying for a Sanctuary Award are requested to sign up as a Supporting Organisation. We would expect City of Sanctuary groups and Streams to sign up as Network Members rather than Supporting Organisations.

We ask that Supporting Organisations consider making a donation to City of Sanctuary UK to reflect their solidarity with our vision.

Sign the Organisation Pledge and become a Supporting Organisation