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Get Involved

There are loads of ways you can get involved!


First off, you can:

Still eager for more? Next you can:

  • Start your own group. If there isn’t a local City of Sanctuary group in your area, you could start one! All you need is three people. Have a look through our page on ‘How to set up a group’ for what to do next.
  • Got a particular area of interest? Whether that’s the arts or libraries, schools or healthcare, we have groups working on these streams of interest. To get involved, first find out if your local group is working in that area. For more information please contact [email protected]
  • Fundraise. Whether its running a marathon, holding a bake sale or organising a concert, there are countless ways you can fundraise to support these networks of welcome. If you need support or ideas, contact [email protected] 
  • Campaign. Our friends at Asylum Matters works in partnership with many others in the refugee support sector to advocate against NHS charging, to promote an increase in the asylum support rates, opening up family reunion opportunities, ending indefinite detention, lifting the ban on working and much more. Check out our Advocacy page – what you can do from home.
  • Contact your MP. Write to your MP or arrange a meeting with them to discuss some of the issues facing sanctuary seekers in your local area or some of the problems with the system
  • Talk to your Local Authority. Ask your Local Authority to sign up to the UNHCR #WithRefugees campaign. See our Local Authority pages for more ideas on what your local authority could do.
  • Donate clothes or goods. Many local groups also organise collections for people seeking sanctuary who are destitute or newly arrived without any clothing.  Groups also receive donations to provide internet data or devices for isolated people seeking sanctuary to support them to stay connected, especially through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Carry the Future can accept certain kinds of baby carriers.

The Bike Project takes unwanted bicycles to give refugees in the UK access to free and healthy transport.

You can also donate to Phone Credit for Refugees which provides practical help by giving people credit for their mobiles.

  • Volunteer. Whether it’s befriending, teaching English or becoming a trustee, there are loads of voluntary roles out there. Contact your local Volunteer Centre, City of Sanctuary group or for information about local volunteering opportunities.
  • Host. Government policy means that sanctuary seekers face destitution at multiple points in the asylum system. Volunteers across the country open their homes for 1 night onwards to those in need of a place to stay. Visit NACCOM or Refugees at Home to find out more.
  • Community Sponsorship. If there are no people seeking sanctuary dispersed to you area, you could investigate the possibility of organising a group to sponsor a refugee or a refugee family to leave a refugee camp and come and live in your community. Contact Reset for more information or register your interest.