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Sport is  an international language and a great way of bringing people together. City of Sanctuary groups across the UK are helping to connect people to community sports. This is a win win because it supports the well-being of people seeking sanctuary especially when they are still stuck in the asylum process with no right to work. It forges friendship and solidarity. It can help break down fear and prejudice in the settled community and helps to grow the movement for welcome and inclusion. We are working with football organisations to award clubs who are going the extra mile to connect and support. If you are a Football Club contact [email protected]

There are great examples of sports clubs enabling people seeking sanctuary to more fully participate. We have already awarded Brighton Table Tennis Club and Tongwynlais Football Club of Sanctuary.

We are still developing the Sports Stream of Sanctuary and plan to provide case studies and further resources. Please contact your Regional Coordinator if you are interested in this area.