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Our Staff

Sian Summers-Rees | Chief Officer

[email protected]

Sara Trewhitt | Director of Operations, FE Colleges Lead & Yorkshire, Humberside & North East Regional Coordinator

[email protected]

Joanna Spooner | Finance Officer

[email protected]

Hannah Green | Communications & Campaigns Manager

[email protected]

Megan Greenwood | Schools of Sanctuary Coordinator

[email protected]

Regional Coordinators

Ashley Beckett | Arts Coordinator & London Coordinator

[email protected]

Gün Orgun | Scotland and Northern Ireland Coordinator

[email protected]

Hayley Richards | Wales Coordinator

[email protected]

Maggie Filipova-Rivers | Local Authorities Coordinator & Midlands and South East Regional Coordinator

[email protected]

Maryam Taher | University of Sanctuary Coordinator, North West & South West Regional Coordinator

[email protected]

Hayley Richards | South West Coordinator

[email protected]

Other Contacts

To contact a group, please visit the Groups section.

To contact a specific member of staff, please visit Our Staff.

General Enquiries and Streams Enquiries – [email protected]

Media Enquiries –  [email protected]

Website Enquiries – [email protected]

Finance Enquiries – [email protected]

Arts Stream Enquiries – [email protected]

Universities of Sanctuary – [email protected]

Schools of Sanctuary – [email protected]

Businesses of Sanctuary – [email protected]

Colleges of Sanctuary – [email protected]

Faiths of Sanctuary – [email protected]

Gardens of Sanctuary – [email protected]

Health of Sanctuary – in recruitment

Libraries of Sanctuary – [email protected]

Local Authority Network – [email protected]

Maternity of Sanctuary – [email protected]


You can write to us at:

City of Sanctuary UK

PO Box 384,

Leeds LS26 1GJ 


You can leave a voicemail for us on 0113 8800002

Asylum Matters Staff

Asylum Matters is now an independent organisation – please visit