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Call on leadership hopefuls to #LeadWithCompassion

The Rwanda removal flights have been ‘paused’ until the leadership contest is complete. This gives us until September. That’s a month-ish to urge the leadership hopefuls to scrap hostile, divisive and unworkable policies.

You can find a summary of each candidate’s position on the Rwanda scheme here. Warning: it’s not good.

We have put together some template tweets to call on those standing to do the right thing.

Candidates and Twitter handles:
(We will update the list as the contest develops)

  1. Rishi Sunak @RishiSunak – click here to quick Tweet
  2. Liz Truss @trussliz – click here to quick Tweet

Other template tweets and inspiration (visual assets below):

Hey XXX,  the Rwanda scheme is brutal. It tears families apart, destroys lives & flies in the face of international law & human decency.
Everyone knows it, now you need to say it.
Say you’ll #LeadWithCompassion: scrap the Rwanda plan.
Will you lead with compassion XXX? We’re sick of hostile, divisive policies that don’t even work.
The Rwanda plan is brutal, unfair & eye-wateringly expensive. If you’re serious about a fresh start, promise to scrap the plan.
Your family came to the UK for a better life, @XXX – don’t take that opportunity away from others.
The Rwanda plan will tear families apart & destroy lives. Do you really want this to be how you are remembered?
#LeadWithCompassion, scrap the plan.
Hi XXX, I’ve opened my heart & home to Ukrainian refugees. But the Rwanda plan will deny other refugees the chance to find safety on our shores.
Will you stand by this cruelty or #LeadWithCompassion?
Scrap the Rwanda plan.
Hey XXX, you’re my MP. Good luck with your leadership bid! The plan to send refugees to Rwanda is staggeringly cruel. It will tear families apart & destroy lives.
I urge you: be on the right side of history. #LeadWithCompassion & scrap the plan.