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I have a big favour to ask…

Dear friends,

I’m Amani. I’ve been a trustee at City of Sanctuary UK for almost a year and right now I’m the co-chair. That means I get to oversee all the incredible work that this tiny team achieves. I love it.

Today I’m writing to you asking for a BIG favour. In order to be eligible for a Christmas time match funding opportunity with the Big Give we need to secure 10 x £100 pledges before September 2nd 2022. If we can reach this £1,000 target we will then be able to access match funding, which means your generosity could be doubled.

Click here to make a pledge.

We know this is a lot to ask, but we hope that groups may be able to pitch in together for one of the £100 pledges. These pledges will only need to be paid up in full at Christmas time.

This year has proven really difficult with fundraising, and we’re really feeling the pinch. We need your support urgently.

Thank you so much.
In solidarity,
Amani x

P.S In these strange and difficult times, a regular gift allows us to plan for the future. A monthly donation means we can stabilise, strengthen and grow these networks of welcome. Thank you!