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Sanctuary is about bringing people together and this starts in our own communities.

There are lots of ways of bringing people together – food, music, activities, anything that gets people talking and having fun!

CoS Examples


Welcome to Birmingham

Birmingham CoS have created this amazing map for newcomers with all sorts of services listed!


Syrian pop-up Cafe in Colchester

Regular pop-up cafes in Colchester serving Syrian food draw large crowds!


Mapping Sanctuary in Edinburgh

In Nov 2016, 100 people from across Edinburgh came together to map what’s in the city and create an online sanctuary guide!


Sanctuary Suppers in Leeds

Sanctuary Suppers is a project to bring people from different walks of life together to share a meal


Sanctuary Breaks

Through Sanctuary Breaks, local communities welcome people seeking sanctuary to areas they would not otherwise visit for a day of fun, food and friendship.

Other Examples (external sites)


Refugees Welcome to Dinner

A toolkit to help organise a ‘Refugees Welcome’ dinner


Welcome Cinema

A monthly event in London to bring people together with a film and food


United Invitations

Aiming to connect locals and newcomers over home-cooked dinners

Local Welcome

A service supporting groups to organise cooking and eating together events.

Culture Kitchen

Culture Connect is a community food project run by a team of volunteer cooks from all over the world living in Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead, sharing food and culture and raising awareness.

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