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Case Study: Syrian Pop-up Cafe in Colchester

Name of group Refugee Action – Colchester
Name of Project Syrian Pop Up Cafe
Contact for more information 07503027734
Aim of project Intergartion, enjoyment, outreach
Project Description We have regular Syrian Pop up cafes run by local people from Colchester – only a couple of us and lots of the Syrians who have recently resettled here. They have drawn crowds of 2,000 in a weekend.
Project funding Free venue at local gallery – Firstsite but otherwise self funded and we pay living wage to the Syrians involved. any profit goes to support other refugees and asylum seekers we help.
Challenges and Success language barrier – largely overcome by good English form some of the Syrians and an Arabic speaker on the team 🙂
Impact (numbers engaged, attitude change, empowerment of refugees etc.) Several Syrians have gained jobs from this and we are on the brink of setting up as a business – already been asked to cater for local events 🙂 Served 5,000 people over 3 weekends. Found new befrienders, shared positive Syrian image, learned more about each other, eaten great food.