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The General Election: how to step up

There will be a General Election on 4 July. Now is the time to supercharge our message of welcome. This is so all those standing for election know that we want compassionate leaders who will work to welcome and support people seeking sanctuary.

Here’s what you can do today…

  • Get seen

Ensure all local Sanctuary awarded organisations and institutions and community spaces have a ‘WE STAND WITH PEOPLE SEEKING SANCTUARY’ window sticker visible.

Click here to order them

  • Get heard

Use local media to platform your voice. Right now the voices of people who want a compassionate approach to refugees are not being heard – but we can use the power of local media to change that.

Use our simple guide

  • Get talking

We each have enormous power in our own social circles, so it is vitally important that we all explain to our friends, family and colleagues why we care about refugee rights.

Use our top tips and start having courageous conversations today

We know what we don’t want our asylum system to be like. So what does a positive alternative look like?

  • Get ready

Election campaigns are unique as they are the only time when political candidates come to your doorstep looking for your vote.

Print and use our door hanger to ensure you get the most out of this opportunity!

These steps are about making our message of welcome for people seeking sanctuary unavoidable, so that wherever a political candidate may go they will see that their community is calling for something better: stickers in windows, letters in papers, conversations in workplaces, and on doorsteps with potential voters.

There are tens of thousands of us within the City of Sanctuary network – if we each did these 4 steps the impact would be huge.