This law will inject a poison into the heart of our society. It is a blueprint for the mass detention of people, including children and pregnant women, who have done nothing more than ask for our help. In doing so, it wastes billions of taxpayers’ money on unnecessary cruelty.

There is another choice. This government could create safe routes for people seeking safety, rather than shutting them down. It could speed up the time it takes to hear asylum claims, so people get a quick decision rather than languishing in limbo for years. It could allow people seeking safety to work. It is not too late to create a system that is compassionate, fair and effective.

Now more than ever before we cannot let this senseless cruelty become normalised. We must stand up for compassion. This is crushing, but we cannot be crushed by it. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves. Do the work. Give the time. Donate the money. Reach out to one another. And continue to keep building sanctuary within our communities.

We must never forget the people have power. Change will come. Love will win.

Please join us by adding your name to our open letter to the Prime Minister in a show of solidarity for people seeking safety. Click here to add you name.

Here are three other things you can do to put your compassion into action today:

1)  Join your local City of Sanctuary group.

2) Donate to help us continue to build welcome across mainstream society through our work with schools, universities, councils and more.

3) Speak up for refugee rights. The majority of us believe that people seeking sanctuary deserve compassion, but if we do not make ourselves heard, our politicians will think that their hostility is in our name.