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Speak up for Sanctuary: will you stand up for refugee rights?

Last week we launched our brand new Speak up for Sanctuary training programme.

Speak up for Sanctuary is a programme designed to support people who may have little or no previous campaigning experience to recognise their power in making change, to speak up for refugee rights and to supercharge efforts to build welcoming and compassionate communities.

The programme consists of a webinar and a handbook. Download your free handbook here. You are welcome to get going on the programme independently by just using the handbook.

The programme is perfect for people involved in City of Sanctuary groups and awarded organisations or anyone else hoping to turn their compassion into action.

We are excited to be running another of these training programmes on September 25th at 6pm. Click here to register your free place

Click here to watch a recording of the first event

If we’re going to achieve our vision of a truly welcoming UK, then each and every one us needs to channel our passion into ongoing democratic participation, beyond the single act of putting a cross on the ballot slip in the voting booth. Real democracy is about getting out there, standing up for what you believe in and speaking up for the values that you live by.

One of the main reasons why misunderstandings and stereotypes about people seeking sanctuary persist is because people often lack direct contact and personal connections with people seeking sanctuary themselves. City of Sanctuary’s Theory of Change is built around the idea that if people have the chance to come together and recognise their shared humanity, they are then more likely to stand up for each other’s rights. Compassion turns to action.

Click here to register your free place

This Speak Up For Sanctuary programme is about supercharging that idea. We hope that it will give you the tools and confidence you need to stand up, speak up and turn YOUR compassion into action.