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“My book is for those who believe in changing the world”

Malka Al-Haddad grew up during the Iran-Iraq war and lost several close family members during the first Gulf War and American invasion in 2003. She became a poet and a human rights advocate, which attracted hostility towards her in Iraq. While she was studying English in preparation for her PhD in the UK, death threats against her escalated and she couldn’t return back to her beloved home and family.

Malka’s asylum claim was continually refused by the Home Office and after eleven years, she was eventually granted leave to remain, but without access to public funding.

She is now one of our fantastic lived experience Sanctuary Ambassadors, using her talent, pain and anger to campaign for a fairer and kinder asylum system.

After three years hard work, Malka just published her second book of poetry: The truth at the end of the night.

“I understand what other people are going through and I feel their pain” she says. “My voice is on behalf of all those caught up in the UK asylum system. I wrote my words, my pain in my blood, because I experienced injustice for many years and I don’t want others to be hurt by the same as what I went through. Therefore, my poems speak up for those who can not. My book is for those who believe in changing the world”

Vital, passionate and angry. If you want to understand the pain caused by the UK asylum system, buy this book. Click here to get your copy today.

Malka is incredibly kindly donating her royalties to City of Sanctuary UK so others can benefit from the welcome that she received. Thank you so so much, Malka.