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The Museum of Calais

IMIX is running a new social media project called ‘the Museum of Calais’, and the aim is to provide a human-centred alternative narrative on crossings and commemorate the experience of people who have travelled along that path.

“We’re asking people who sought refuge in the UK via Calais to share photos of the objects they brought with them on the journey, and a few sentences about what that object means to them. The project is designed to allow people to remain anonymous.

We will then share the pictures on our social media feeds with the story of the object. Our aim will be to share one a day with the hashtag #MuseumofCalais, and we’ll eventually showcase all the objects in a virtual museum.”

This is a great #SanctuayinArts and #MuseumofSanctuary project with huge potential in humanising the stories of people crossing the channel to seek sanctuary here and help people connect with them as people with hopes, dreams and a back story which involves family, homeland and a life shattered by conflict and persecution.  A project to evoke empathy and solidarity.

 IMIX is a charity trying to change the narrative around refugees and migration. Follow them on Twitter.  They also have a brilliant archive of stories called Human Journeys which also has its own Instagram page. See the short video here.
If you know someone who might be interested in participating, the link to share your story is here.