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2020 Asylum statistics

In view of the Government’s concern about the number of ‘illegal invaders’, it is worth paying attention to the Government’s own asylum statistics, collated here by Nic Burne

These tables were gleaned from The UK Government  Asylum and Resettlement Datasets.

                                                                     Summary Points   

There were 29,456 asylum applications (main applicants only) in the year ending December 2020.

In 2020 only 6,569 applications were successful without appealing; 7,796 were refused. In 2020 these 6,569 successful applications gave 9,113 people status; 9,978 were refused.

In addition, the number of people participating in the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Project (VPRP) was substantially reduced in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Two thirds of claimants wait for an initial decision for over 6 months.  The statistics do not clarify how many of these wait for longer than one year.

45% of appeals are successful.   How much distress, unhappiness and cost could be saved if the decision was right first time?