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Call for expertise in the arts – City of Sanctuary Arts Stream survey

There are so many wonderful events and a range of arts organisations producing art and activities around the theme of refugees that we have developed an Arts Stream of Sanctuary in conjunction with our partners Counterpoint Arts who are leaders in the field of arts, migration and social change.

We are currently developing an Arts Resource Pack to help draw together some of the best example of engaging refugees in the arts (and the issues that affect their lives). The Arts Resource Pack will also inspire arts organisations who are unfamiliar with the issues refugees and sanctuary seekers face but would like to get involved. The pack will be particularly useful for organisations interested in working towards a sanctuary award which are awarded to celebrate mainstream organisations’ commitment to our values and vision of welcome and inclusivity.

Therefore, City of Sanctuary is asking you – whether you’re an individual whose been producing art around the theme of refugees or you are part of an organisation who does – to share your feedback and reflections on the theme. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and will be incredibly helpful in helping pulling together how best to engage with people seeking sanctuary in the decision making process, how to approach art practice ethically, how to use social media effectively and how to engage the public in the issues that affect those seeking sanctuary.

If you’d like to get in touch directly with Sam who is pulling this important work together, please get in touch with Sam here.

We look forward to your input. Thank you for your time and willingness to help!