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Factsheets on Family Reunification available from The Migrants’ Law Project

Information leaflets about family reunification for asylum seeking children in Europe who have family members in the UK are now available from the Migrants’ Law Project. These leaflets may be helpful to members of your network that have young family members in Europe, who they are worried about, or for organisations and individuals who have heard about work to reunite families separated in Europe and would like to find out more. These leaflets provide an overview of the processes for family reunification, and the evidence needed. They are available in English, and have been translated into Arabic, Dari, Pashtu, Farsi and Tigrinya with the kind assistance of volunteers at Safe Passage. We are sharing these leaflets in the hopes of disseminating the information to communities to whom they may be relevant so do feel free to share with networks, clients and colleagues.


The Migrants’ Law Project is a public law and public legal education project that works across the UK. They offer advice and training to organisations and groups of any size who want to understand how the law impacts on asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. They provide online factsheets and training, and can offer training and advice on a range of topics relating to asylum and immigration. The link to all of their factsheets, including the Dublin III leaflets translated into the above listed languages is here.

Dublin III leaflet

Dublin III evidence leaflet

You can get in touch with the MLP Training and Outreach Officer, Amy via email on[email protected] if you have any questions about training in this area, or any other relevant aspects of asylum, immigration and public law. More information about their work can be found at