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NUT support the campaign against schools data collection

At the weekend, the National Union of Teachers’ annual conference passed a motion condemning the Department for Education’s attempts to record pupils’ nationality and country of birth in the national pupil database.  See the Guardian reportSchools ABC logo

The next census date is May 18th.  It’s the last chance for parents to retract data they have already given before the stats report goes out on 29 June.  For more information about the national campaign against data collection of children to create a “hostile environment” for migrant children or if you wish to host a talk about the campaign in the run-up to the next census date please contact Against Borders for Children by emailing [email protected]

The joint letter from Liberty and ABC  letter to the Education Committee remains under consideration.  Liberty are still very much prepared to take legal action but this requires them to find a child who has been wrongly targeted by the data collection who has the right to remain and is eligible for legal aid. Should you come across any families in that position, again, please get in touch with [email protected]