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Pledges and resolutions of support

You can adapt the following text as a resolution of support for local organisations. Feel free to modify this or add to it if you wish, however it is important to explicitly ask for a commitment to ‘welcome and include’ refugees and asylum-seekers in the organisation’s activities (though this can be incorporated within a broader focus of migrants, vulnerable persons, and so on – it does not have to be limited to Sanctuary Seekers).

“[Organisation name] recognises the contribution of asylum-seekers and
refugees to the City/Town/Village/District of …., and is committed to welcoming and
including them in our activities. We support [your town, city, village] becoming a
recognised ‘City/Town/Village of Sanctuary’ for refugees and asylum-seekers.”

We are also encouraging supporting organisations to decide on a specific action which they will take to make their activities more inclusive of people seeking sanctuary.

You can download and adapt sample pledge of support forms below. Swansea’s form is double-sided and folded into a leaflet with the list of possible actions for supporting organisations on the inside. Leeds’ is a simple pledge card. Some groups also have a pledge form embedded on their website which can be signed electronically – for example Exeter and Manchester.

National Pledge Sample

Swansea Pledge Form

Sheffield Pledge Form

Leeds Pledge Card

Lincoln Resolution of Support