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Rwanda Act: how you can step up

The Safety of Rwanda Act has now passed and the UK government is now beginning its cruel efforts to remove some of the most vulnerable people from our communities. Our thoughts are with the people who came here to seek safety who now live with a new terror. While our politicians want to push hostility like this because they think it will win them votes, we will continue to push back and offer up our vision of kindness and welcome.  

Below are a range of resources and organisations to help you understand what is happening, how you can support people who may be impacted by the new legislation, as well as sharing hopeful strategies to help shift the narrative and work to end hostility. 

The situation is fluid and can change rapidly, so we encourage you to regularly seek out new updates. 

Government Policy Documents

– The Home Office has published this guidance document here on 13 May with the latest information on who may be at risk of receiving a notice of intent: Removal+of+failed+Asylum+seekers+to+Rwanda.pdf (

Organisations working to support those directly affected by the policy:

These organisations are working closely to explain and educate about the policy as well as providing direct assistance and support to those who may be impacted. Follow them on social media, request their newsletter and watch their websites for further information. 

  • Care 4 Calais:  Care4Calais had developed a dedicated Rwanda support team. Contact the organisation here: Contact Us // Care4Calais

How to help those individuals who may be impacted:

  • Signpost to mental health/well-being support services in your local area. 
  • Offer a calm and listening presence if needed.

What you can do as a Individual/Community Group to fight the Rwanda Plan:

Background reading materials for staff and students to understand what all the recent legislation in the national and international context:

The following reports and briefing provide useful background information and context.