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Start having well-informed conversations about asylum

Talking about the asylum process can be tough. Entrenched political scapegoating and the divisive nature of culture wars means the truth is often twisted or lost entirely.

Talking about it is tough, but it is also vital. If we are to build a fairer, kinder asylum system, we the quiet majority need to break the silence and speak up.

To help you with these courageous conversations, we’re here to set the record straight…

The truth is vitally important. But facts alone won’t change people’s minds.  Instead we need to change the story totally.

Speak up for Sanctuary is a programme designed by City of Sanctuary UK to support people to change the story, speak from the heart and help supercharge efforts to build welcoming and compassionate communities. This programme consists of a 1.5 hour webinar and a handbook jam-packed with information, resources and exercises.

Complete the programme in your own time using the YouTube video and the handbook or check our events page or sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the next live online training session.