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There are now two Colleges of Sanctuary in West Yorkshire

Keighley College in West Yorkshire knows that the UK should be a place of hope not hostility.⁣

Keighley College is now a fully recognised College of Sanctuary – the second of its kind in West Yorkshire.⁣

This award recognises their incredible work in welcoming, empowering and supporting students from students from a refugee background, some of which travelled to the UK all alone.⁣

One such student said: “Before returning to learning, I was stuck at home and suffered from severe depression.”⁣

“I’ve met so many fantastic teachers and peers through college, who have really supported my personal growth. The teaching and non-teaching staff are an inspiration to me. Most of them are female, who are all empowering, hardworking and supportive. I also received fantastic support from the college’s community employment coach who worked with me to find the right university course and apply for it.”⁣

Hats off to this incredible college who have gone above and beyond to create welcome, and to Bradford City of Sanctuary for supporting them in this award.⁣

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