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Libraries and Sanctuary: Supporting Refugees and New Arrivals

We are absolutely over the moon about this new book!
Every library has the power to be a welcoming and safe place for people forced to flee. Now, with the help of this new book, it couldn’t be easier for your local library to become a Library of Sanctuary.

Libraries and Sanctuary is a practical guide to how libraries and their staff can support ‘new arrivals’ – people who have crossed borders to reach a country. The book looks at the different drivers behind an individual’s move, their need for signposting, and at the sorts of barriers that are faced by new arrivals and people seeking sanctuary. Readers will discover the background reasons for migration, the global political context of migration, and the likely impacts of both of these. They will also gain an understanding of just how much work libraries have done so far; learn from practical initiatives, ‘what works’ examples and longer case studies; identify gaps in library provision; and find inspiration to start similar initiatives in their own institution.

John Vincent, the book’s author, has been absolutely instrumental in setting up our Libraries of Sanctuary network.