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Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre

The government plans to re-open Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre. This is a regressive and cruel plan. It is simply wrong.

This was the site of a teenage suicide, hunger strikes and the unjust detention of thousands of people seeking asylum. The local community fought hard for the site to close. Read more about it here.

Oxford is a proud City of Sanctuary. Oxford City Council are unequivocally opposed to this brutal plan. “The government’s decision to reopen Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre is wrong and inhumane and further demonises refugees and negatively impacts communities across our city” they state. “It creates an atmosphere of fear, mistrust, and further divides people and communities at a time when people are facing huge challenges in their day to day lives – the exact opposite is needed.”

Read their powerful full statement here.

We will be working with the local City of Sanctuary groups and other partners to stand against this plan. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media for updates and ways to get involved. Thank you.