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Help us to welcome Ukrainian refugees

When people are forced to flee their homes, we are the welcome.

In 2015 when over a million refugees sought safety on European shores, the City of Sanctuary networks saw growth like never before. Despite hostility and division pushed by politicians and the press, thousands of ordinary people around the country stepped up to support people seeking sanctuary in our communities.

We have made welcome widespread. Help us to keep going.

From local councils to schools, universities to libraries and theatres, we work with mainstream organisations so that wherever someone seeking sanctuary goes – they are met with compassion, understanding and empowering opportunities.

With Ukrainian refugees arriving into the UK, we have the networks to ensure people get the support they need – but we urgently need your support to scale up our work.

To ensure we can meet the growing demand, we have launched an appeal to raise vital funds. These will enable up to:

  • Coordinate a community response to the Ukrainian crisis
  • Scale up our work with mainstream organisations like local councils, schools, universities and arts institutions
  • Train and develop leaders, advocates and spokespeople with lived experience of seeking sanctuary

City by city, community by community, we are building a more welcoming UK for people forced to flee their homes. Help us get there. Please chip into our fundraiser here.