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Make this Valentine’s Day count

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Avoid the naff gimmicks this year and instead do something that really matters.

The Anti-Refugee Bill is expected back in the House of Commons in the middle of March. If it is passed, this bill will be the largest roll back of refugee rights that this country has ever seen.

The most important thing for our movement is to push some key amendments that we want to see changed in the Bill:

● The removal of Clause 11 which would permit the Home Office to treat people differently based on how they arrived here.⁣

● The introduction of a new and safe route by setting an ambitious but deliverable target to resettle 10,000 of the world’s most vulnerable refugees a year. ⁣

So this Valentine’s Day show your heart. Let’s make a stand against the bill, call for a more compassionate approach and get a little bit imaginative when we engage our MPs…

How you can get involved:

  1. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Put orange hearts (the symbol for solidarity with refugees) in your window and on your walls. Bake heart shaped cookies and sell them at work, hang heart banners around the town – the only limit is your imagination. This is perfect for families, schools and other community projects. Remember to invite local journalists to cover your actions. The aim is to spread the word and get more people opposing the Bill.
  2. Send a Valentine’s Day card to your MP. Make your own or modify a shop bought one. Get imaginative with your messaging. Some suggestions…Rose are red
    Violets are blue
    I oppose the Bill
    And so should you. I love ̶y̶o̶u̶ Refugee Rights

Inside the card call on your MP to firstly, oppose the principle of treating refugees differently based on how they arrived here rather than their need for protection. Secondly, there should be a target to resettle 10,000 refugees a year. For more information and guidance see this Together With Refugees resource pack.

3. Send your MP a Valentine’s Day e-card, with a twist. Right click on the below images to download. Just insert the image into an email or tweet along with your own text calling them to support the amendments mentioned above.

Find your MPs email details here and their Twitter details here.

Suggested tweet:

Rose are red
Violets are blue
I oppose the #AntiRefugeeBill
And so should you 🌹
Will you be my Valentine @XXXX? This Bill represents the most significant roll back of refugee rights this country has ever seen – do the right thing and oppose it.❤️


Getting it in the press: Remember the aim is to raise awareness, so if you can, alert your local newspaper to what you’re up to. Here are some tips on engaging local press.


Let’s fill our streets, classrooms, Twitter feeds and townhalls with messages of love and solidarity.

Now is the time to put the pressure on our MPs to do the right thing.