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There’s a lot to do this year. We’re rolling up our sleeves.

To everyone who volunteered, donated or campaigned in 2021 – you are the change. Keep going!

After a much deserved break, our team is back to it. There’s a lot to do this year – we’re rolling up our sleeves.

As the Nationality and Borders Bill passes through the House of Lords, we know the next few months are going to be challenging.

Now more than ever before this network of welcome is uniquely placed to counter the narrative of hatried and division.

Keep building connections in your local community, keep lobbying your MP, keep getting positive stories of sanctuary into your local newspaper.

We know all the City of Sanctuary groups are doing incredible work, now is the time to make sure your community knows what you’re up to. Bang that drum!

If you need any support with your communications or press engagement, get in touch with City of Sanctuary UK communications manager Hannah: [email protected]