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ASPEN card transition

We remain concerned that the shocking situation of leaving people seeking sanctuary without asylum support due to the failed transition between providers continues. This is still affecting many people seeking asylum and the organisations supporting them.

In answer to a Parliamentary Question the Home Office stated that by 22nd June 93% of cards had been activated. As outlined in the Independent this means according to the most recent data on the amount of ASPEN cards in operation, at that point 2,889 households/individuals were without an activated card, and unable to access the asylum support they were entitled to.

The impact of the transition was also outlined in this article in Vice and in this piece in the Independent. 

Asylum Matters is  working with Refugee Action to continue to collate and gather information. Their current Infohub survey contains questions on the ASPEN transition (you can find out more about the survey and how it works here). Therefore if you wish to provide any further information relating to the impact of the failed transition then please complete the survey.

If you would like to get in touch with Asylum Matters about the work they’re doing to highlight the impact of the failed transition, please contact them at [email protected].

The Home Office have also published a new FAQ document on the ASPEN transition – Aspen Update Post-Go-Live Q&A