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Latest Briefing from The Response Project – Hope not Hate

The Hope not Hate and Migration Exchange Response Project, which seeks to better prepare the refugee and migration sector to respond to the far-right threat publishes regular briefings. Their third briefing Migration and the Far Right published at end of March 2021 looks at the far right’s response to the Government’s new plan for immigration, and activity around channel crossings as the weather improves.


Click on the graphics to access the briefings. Briefings 1 and 2 below.

They cover recent far-right activity around channel crossings and temporary accommodation, which they hope will be helpful in building a more in depth understanding of how these actors are operating. They have seen activity slow down in recent months, with lockdown inhibiting their ability to organise and the police clamping down on anti-migrant activists on the far-right, but as we all know, there is still noise being made by those who seek to exploit the situation. They have seen far-right groups getting ready to exploit the issue further with any increase in crossings as the weather improves, though many key anti-migrant actors are held back by a number of legal issues and in-fighting between far-right groups.

The Response Project will be sending regular updates through these briefings and around any key events, but a reminder that you can submit anything you’re coming across on or offline here.  Anything you submit helps them to build and share a fuller picture.

See this link for more information about the project and for anything more specific, or for any questions, please email: [email protected]