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Call for MPs to attend Westminster #LiftTheBan debate

The Lift the Ban coalition campaign has secured a Westminster Hall Debate on the right to work this Wednesday 18th November 16:00 – 16:30.  This represents an important opportunity for us to generate momentum with parliamentarians around the campaign.

How you can help:

  1. Please encourage MPs you have connections with to attend the debate. You can send them the Lift the Ban Westminster Hall Debate Briefing. Here are two possible email templates that you could use. Adapt according to your MP. You might also wish to tweet them or phone them and you can find this information at Find Your MP
    1. MP Westminster Hall Debate invite Nov 18
    2. Invite to Westminster Hall Debate Nov 18 (MPs already active on the issue
  2. Hold space in your organisation’s social media calendar to support the promotion of the new animation on Wednesday 18th November. Follow the hashtag #LiftTheBan and @AsylumMatters and @RefugeeAction or @CityofSanctuary

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