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Lift the Ban Local Activism Pack

Over the last few months, Asylum Matters have been working alongside Refugee Action and a growing number of refugee organisations, faith groups, trade unions and others to call on the Government to lift the ban which is preventing people who are seeking safety in our country from being able to work and provide for themselves and their families. The Lift the Ban coalition is calling for the right to work for people seeking asylum, and their adult dependants, unconstrained by the shortage occupation list after six months of having lodged an asylum claim or further submission. The coalition has produced an Activism Pack for local organisations and individuals who want to help win this right.

You can download the pack here.

If you feel motivated to campaign on this issue, then this pack can help by outlining the many ways that you can use your voice to bring about change. There are loads of actions you can take, from talking to your MP and getting in touch with local media to holding awareness raising events and gathering petition signatures – details of all these activities are described in the pack.

The right to work is one of the three asks at this year’s Sanctuary in Parliament event, where our overarching theme is for a fairer and more compassionate system for people seeking sanctuary in the UK.