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In Three Words – Unlocking Detention

As part of this year’s Unlocking Detention, City of Sanctuary network supporters are invited to  to take part in In Three Words action, and feed into Unlocking Detention, the annual social media campaign led by Detention Forum.

They are asking groups and people to share their three words to describe personal experience of immigration detention and/or their thoughts on immigration detention. People who are at risk of detention, but have not been detained before, are also very welcome to take part. If you are interested, please do get in touch.

Here’s some sample visual material which will be used during Unlocking Detention for this action.

The words on the Twitter card were contributed by a members of Migrant Voice, who was detained in Brook House. It can also be done in a selfie style: for example, a photo of a person holding up a piece of paper with his or her chosen three words.

Other sets of three words gathered so far include:

– Devastating, helpless, betrayed

– Melancholy, humiliated, colonial-behaviour

– Unexpected, heartbroken, (feel like a) criminal

At its simplest, the three words can be tweeted with a hashtag of #Unlocked19, which we can retweet, after 11 November when Unlocking Detention starts. From experience, however, the tweets get more exposure and interest if they come with visual material or even with video element.

We hope this is more accessible than writing testimonies or blogs. We acknowledge that there is a risk that the words can become decontextualised: so if you want to share further information about the person who shared the words, we can discuss that as well.

If you are interested, please do get in touch with [email protected]

For further information see their blog here.