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Would you like to help us call for better housing for asylum seekers?

The government are weeks away from signing contracts that determine asylum accommodation and support for the next 10 years, but to date the proposals have not come before Parliament. Moreover, the Home Office appear to be working to an ‘as-is’ model, disregarding the persistent problems, concerns and recommendations made throughout the past 6 years of the current COMPASS contracts. Asylum Matters is calling on City of Sanctuary groups to contact their MPs at this crucial time to raise issues about asylum accommodation and call for important changes to be made.

Join us in calling on the Government to recognise Local Authorities, communities and the Third Sector as key stakeholders in the provision of asylum accommodation and the successful integration of new communities, and commit resources to enable effective integration of asylum seekers; grant Local Authorities greater flexibility and powers in overseeing how and where asylum seekers are housed in their areas; and prevent the use of forced bedroom sharing and the widespread use of Houses of Multiple Occupancy.

Would you write to your MP, asking them to raise the issues in Parliament as a matter of urgency?

We are encouraging City of Sanctuary groups to contact local MPs asking them to raise the issues in Parliament, attaching a copy of the briefing. The more MPs we can reach with the same message, the more impact we can have. We have a model email – if this would be useful please get in touch. Likewise we would appreciate hearing whether you get a response. For model email or to let us know the response you receive, email [email protected]