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The Home Secretary commissioned a lessons learned review into the events leading up to Windrush “to make sure crucial lessons were identified and learned as quickly as possible, to prevent something like this happening again.” The review is internal, with independent oversight provided by an Independent Adviser to the review, Wendy Williams. The review would like to hear from as many people as possible who can offer an insight into what happened, in addition to Home Office staff and people directly affected, they are looking to hear from those with knowledge of the immigration system such as immigration advisors and lawyers, academic institutions, NGOs and those who were part of maintaining the ‘compliant environment.’ The review is looking to understand which legislative, policy and operational decisions led to members of the Windrush generation becoming “entangled in measures designed for illegal immigrants”, which other factors played a role and what lessons the Home Office can learn.

Even for those who have not worked directly with members of the Windrush generation, the review is an opportunity to share your thoughts on the impact of the Government’s compliant (hostile) environment policies on people going through the immigration and asylum system, on public servants and service-providers who have been forced to act as border guards, and on our communities and society as a whole. The deadline for responses is 19 October 2018, and you can find more details about the review here.