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Since December 2016, G4S have asked their housing welfare officers to wear body worn video cameras when they conduct home visits. They have not yet published an operational policy or privacy impact assessment (PIA) regarding this practice and it is unclear how video data is being collected, stored and accessed. Asylum Matters are conducting a survey to find out how much asylum-seekers in G4S accommodation understand about this new policy. Here is the Body Camera Questionnaire and  Photos of Body Cameras to aid with describing what the cameras may look like.

City of Sanctuary supporters and their networks can help with this by going through the questionnaire with asylum seekers and returning to Asylum Matters (contacts below).

 Please note: This is only applicable in areas where G4S is the primary accommodation provider.  Only G4S housing officers are wearing cameras, they have not been provided to their subcontractors.

This questionnaire may be updated over time and any updated versions will be added to this article.  If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact the Asylum Matters Campaigns Project Managers:

West Midlands – Emma Birks – [email protected] – 07557 983 227

Yorkshire and Humberside – Lorna Gledhill – [email protected] – 07557 982 498