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‘Refugees at Home’ are desperate to find new hosts for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

Could you share their info and help someone find a safe home?

 They say:
“There are people who will be sleeping on benches and in doorways this week if we can’t find hosts….
Please share far and wide, suggest any ways we can raise publicity and consider whether you could host yourself. It’s initially a bit nerve wracking but quickly turns into something you can’t imagine not doing – in fact the tough bit is I don’t really want our current guest (and good friend) to move out! It brings so much to your life and is a literal lifeline for someone who has already gone through so much. Can you help us?”
They are particularly looking for hosts in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Croydon and Manchester, but wherever you are, if you are able to share their request to your networks it might be possible to find someone a bed when it’s very urgently needed.
With the closure of the winter shelters, there is more and more need for hosts and people are increasingly finding themselves with no housing options at all.