‘A Hundred Thousand Welcomes’  is the story of City of Sanctuary from its beginnings in 2005 to 2018, told through a tapestry of personal stories about welcoming refugees. The stories come from all over the City of Sanctuary network, which now involves over 120 local groups across UK and Ireland, and are told by refugees and their friends. The stories take us into the lives of ordinary people in cities and countryside, schools and universities, churches and mosques, trades unions, libraries, sports clubs, theatres and much more, and shine a spotlight on ways that refugees have found a home and a welcome in these places.

City of Sanctuary groups share a vision to promote, network and resource activities in all spheres of society that focus on welcoming and including refugees who have come to these islands to seek safety. In publishing this book, we hope to provide inspiration and understanding to people involved in the sanctuary movement and help those who are not involved to get a better understanding of refugees and the amazing contributions they bring.

The author of the book is Tiffy Allen, who was the Network Coordinator from 2010 to 2017 and is now the All-Ireland Coordinator. 

The book will be launched on 23rd May in Coventry at the City of Sanctuary Conference and AGM. 

Information about how to purchase the book will be added here soon. 

A leaflet for the book is below.