Many new groups have sprung up in non-dispersal areas and there are people all over the UK and Ireland who want to find a way help sanctuary seekers, even when there is no such demographic within their own communities.

Sanctuary breaks are an excellent way to connect asylum seekers and refugees with local people who wish to host them for a short period – a day, a weekend or even a week. These breaks provide very welcome respite for asylum seekers who are sometimes stuck for many years and are unable to travel, cannot afford any leisure activity or holidays and are unable to take a break from the city to which they have been dispersed.

You will read many wonderful stories of hosting and activities that have brought hope and resilience to asylum seekers, enriched communities, enabled new friendships and support networks and made a real difference to the lives of all involved. We have a resources pages for new groups or organisations wanting to engage in Sanctuary Breaks, and links to many of our wonderful partners engaged in this kind of work.