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What is a pledge?

A pledge is a commitment to take action. Many CoS groups ask for pledges from individual supporters or local businesses. These take different forms  – there are some examples in our Tools and Templates section.

How can a pledge be turned into action?

Once groups collect pledges, they need a way of keeping in touch with everyone who has pledged and to support them in turning that pledge into action. This could be through a newsletter, contact with individuals or through events. 

Contact us on [email protected] if you want help to create a form on your website for organisations to pledge support and then be automatically listed on your supporters page. 


Resolutions of support in Newcastle

In Newcastle, individuals or organisations can sign a resolution of support, which is followed up by suggestions of actions depending on the type of organisation.

Pledges in Leeds

In Leeds, supporters who have signed a pledge are invited to a monthly meeting to learn about volunteer opportunities in the city.

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