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7 Nov 2024 : Theatre of Sanctuary – Platforma planning

Date: 7 Nov 2024 

Time: 10:30AM

Venue: Zoom

Join City of Sanctuary and Counterpoint arts for a Theatres of Sanctuary online meet up to discuss the plans for Platforma 2025.

10.30: Welcomes, introductions, updates from everyone

11.15: Introduction to Platforma 2025 and our plan for a Theatres of Sanctuary Away Day at Norwich Theatre on 7th October 2025.

11.30: Break out rooms to discuss ideas for what the day might look like and what content should be included. Suggested for content Theatre of Sanctuary ideas:

  • Mental health
  • Making, programming, touring work
  • Ethical fundraising and hire space policies
  • Employability barriers


Platforma is a festival produced every two years by Counterpoints with partners in a different English region. In October 2025 it will be in the East of England and Norwich Theatre have offered to host a meetup for the Theatres of Sanctuary network. Travel costs will be paid by Counterpoints for attendees from orgs without regular funding.


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