Women often face particular challenges and dangers in their home countries, on their journey to safety and going through the asylum process. 

Resources on challenges faced in the asylum system

'Failing at Each Hurdle: Credibility in Women's Asylum Claims' - a video from Asylum Aid (2015)

'From Us to You' - a video from Asylum Aid with useful information aimed at women seeking asylum

Gender Issues in the Asylum System from the Rights in Exile Programme

Refugee Council Good Practice Guide for working with asylum-seeking and refugee women affected by rape and sexual violence (2009)


Women for Refugee Women challenges the injustices experienced by women who cross borders to seek safety.

UNHCR – Policies and Resources on Women and Gender based violence.

The Women’s Refugee Commission – Research and advocacy  for programs and policies to protect and empower  refugee women and children.

Scottish Refugee Council: Raising Refugee Women’s Voices (impact on its work with the Refugee Women’s Strategy Group)


Resources on dangers faced by women globally and on journeys to safety

Amnesty International article on the dangers women face on journeys through Europe

An article on '10 of the most dangerous countries to be a woman'