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Please ensure you have booked spaces at this event before completing this form.

This fund is for travel for individuals seeking sanctuary to attend and for groups who have not previously attended an AGM and have no funding available for travel.

  • NameAre they an asylum seeker or refugee? (Y/N)Have they attended an AGM or 'Sanctuary in Parliament' event before? (Y/N) 
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  • Please note the fund is for travel costs only and not refreshments.

    The amount you provide here will be the basis of what is agreed if your application is successful. If you later find the cost will be significantly more, it is your responsibility to inform CoS so that a decision can be made as to whether the extra amount can be covered.

    Funding is not guaranteed until your application has been accepted so you may wish to wait before purchasing tickets if you have no alternative sources of funding.

  • I declare that all of the information contained in this application is correct. I accept the terms and conditions of this fund. I accept that by submitting this application that any subsequent discovery of intentionally falsified or misleading information may invalidate the offer of financial assistance under this fund. I agree that the information provided on this form can be stored securely for the purposes of organising this fund.