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Send a message of welcome to a refugee child

Every year, thousands of children under 14 arrive in the UK without parents or guardians – searching for a safe home.

Inspired by children at our Schools of Sanctuary who drew and sent cartoons in response to the Government removing children’s cartoon murals in asylum centres citing that they are “not age-appropriate”, a new campaign is going to send postcards with messages of kindness to child asylum seekers arriving in the UK.

To say that the cartoons are “not age appropriate” fails to recognise the 9,300 under-14s that arrived in the UK just last year. And fails to recognise how in that moment where a child may be feeling frightened or confused, even a small token of comfort could make a difference.

Cartoons Not Cruelty is going to send 9,300 postcards. A postcard to represent each of those children. To say that we see you. And that you deserve better.

You can get involved today.

1) Sign the petition calling for the cartoons murals to be reinstated

2) Write a message of welcome to be sent via postcard to a newly arrived child.