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We stand with the people of Sudan

As a refugee support organisation, we stand in solidarity with all those affected by the violence that rages across Sudan, many of whom have been forced to flee.

Despite warring parties agreeing in principle to respect international humanitarian law, a meaningful and lasting ceasefire seems far off. In the meantime, thousands have been killed, and many more thousands have been injured but unable to receive treatment in Sudan’s crumbling health infrastructure. UN agencies estimate almost 850,000 individuals have fled, some of whom have links to the UK

Despite the bloodshed, the UK government has stated that it has no plans to open a bespoke resettlement route for Sudan, like the scheme seen for Ukrainian people.

Since war broke out in April, thousands of Sudanese people with connections to the UK have remained stuck in the Home Office backlog. These delays are putting lives at risk both in Sudan as people remain trapped amidst the violence, and again if and when people cannot wait any longer and are forced to make their own often dangerous journeys to be reunited with family.

Under proposed new rules seen in the Illegal Immigration Bill, anyone fleeing Sudan who makes their own way to the UK would be denied the chance to get their claim heard on UK soil.

Instead of showing compassion and support, our government is turning its back on those who need it most. We know that is wrong. We stand in solidarity with everyone affected by the violence.


The current violence in Sudan has long roots. This is not news to the many hundreds of thousands of individuals who have spent nearly 20 years in refugee camps in Chad, having fled initial violence in Darfur.

If you are looking for a way to support your Sudanese friends and loved ones at this time, please consider joining our friends Waging Peace on Sunday 18 June (Refugee Week) to attend a commemorative, but also celebratory, picnic in Alexandra Palace Park in memory of Sharif Barko, but also other lives lost and harmed during Darfur, and Sudan’s, 20 years of genocide. Full details here – you are invited!

Image: Abdelhafiz Musa via Waging Peace