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Refugee Ban Bill: the fight is not over

The Refugee Ban Bill has been approved by our MPs – but the right is not yet over. If passed, this Bill will criminalise the act of seeking sanctuary in the UK, and push people further into harms way. But the Bill has not passed yet, and still has to go to the House of Lords and back to the House of Commons to be voted on, so there’s still time to raise your voice.

Our passion is our power – now it’s time to put it into action. Here’s how…

    1. Write to your MP.
      Speak from the heart and tell them exactly why this cruel and unfair law doesn’t represent you. Click here for tips on how to make your letters and meetings with your MP as effective as possible. People fleeing war and persecution deserve protection not punishment. Ask them to represent you by standing up against this new law.
      Click here to find your MP’s contact details.
    2. Stand up and speak out.
      Write to your local newspaper, go on local radio, speak out on social media, get your family, friends and colleagues speaking out too. This government says that we want this law – so we need to shout from the rooftops that WE DON’T.
    3. Organise.
      We’re louder and stronger when we’re together. Join your local City of Sanctuary group today, volunteer, donate and campaign.  Whatever resources you have – time, funds, space or even the opportunity to provide a break for people seeking sanctuary – we can signpost and connect you to the right groups. This is a movement of welcome and everyone’s needed.
    4. Have hope.
      Look after yourself. Spend time with friends & allies. Remind yourself time & time again that love trumps hate. When we come together we can do incredible things. It’s on us to build a welcoming UK – so let’s get started

It’s never been so important to celebrate the positive alternative to hostility that our networks offer. Cheerlead your work, get more people involved, make connections with local press and use Refugee Week in June as a way to champion welcome, compassion and community. Click here for ways to get involved with Refugee Week.