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This mobile library is a lifeline for people seeking sanctuary

For people seeking sanctuary, this mobile library is a lifeline. ⁣
North Yorkshire Library and Information Service now take their mobile library to hotels that house hundreds of families who have newly arrived into the UK. ⁣
Housed outside cities and towns, people in hotels are often isolated from the rest of the community. They receieve just £8 per week to cover clothing, toiletries, travel and supplementary food, so regular bus fares – and books – are often out of the question.⁣
This mobile library is bringing these families connection, community and creativity.
North Yorkshire Library are on the journey to become a Library of Sanctuary – a library which goes above and beyond to welcome, empower and signpost people seeking sanctuary.
Our Libraries of Sanctuary network is growing fast – this is a network of librarians, library staff, community groups and book lovers who are raising awareness of the issues facing people in the asylum system, offering support and participation opportunities, and contributing to a culture of welcome in the wider community.⁣
Find out more and get your local library involved: