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“City of Sanctuary is my life jacket”

My name is Lubna. City of Sanctuary has been my life jacket⁣.
When I first arrived from Syria I was so shy, it felt like I could have sunk – but working alongside this kind and expert team has made me feel confident again.⁣
Earlier this year I graduated from the Sanctuary in Politics course where I learnt how to campaign, how to lobby my MP and how to fight for the change I want to see. I used my new skills to call for my local supermarket to stock halal food – six months later and guess what, the supermarket stocks halal! It feels like I’ve found my voice. ⁣
I am now a Sanctuary Ambassador and have also had the honour of participating in Sanctuary awards appraisals, celebrating schools and theatres in their work to become places of welcome.⁣
City of Sanctuary is my second family. Today I ask you to support their work so more people like me get the warm welcome they need to start again in a new place.⁣
If you can, please do donate and help City of Sanctuary grow this movement of welcome. Thank you so much.⁣