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The cost of living crisis: an ambassador’s perspective

I panic at the thought of winter. I will have to make so many terrifying choices.

My name is Ammie*, I am seeking sanctuary in the UK. Whilst I wait for a decision on my asylum case, I am banned from working. That means I have to live off just £40.85 per week. This has to cover my food, travel, toiletries, clothes and phone data so I can call my family and attend online classes.

Everything is so expensive now. Milk has doubled in price, oil has more than doubled. Food that reminds me of home has also gone up in price, okra is now £8.00 kg! I used to buy big bags of lentils and chapati flour, but I can’t afford to now. Im just cutting everything back.

They tell you to shop around, but how can I shop around when a bus fare costs £5? Even just taking the bus to see the doctor means my budget for the day is gone.

I have to walk everywhere now which means by the end of the day I’m tired, frustrated and angry.

It is a limited life, now with the cost of living crisis, it is so much more restricted.

Ammie is one of our Sanctuary Ambassadors.

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone in the UK, but is hitting the most vulnerable in our society, including people in the asylum system, especially hard.

With costs skyrocketing, £5.84 per day simply isn’t enough to get by. We’re calling on the government to urgently raise levels of asylum support.

Image: Ammie’s weekly shopping basket.

*Name has been changed to protect their identity.