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My name is Lubna. This is my story…

My name is Lubna, this crochet stick resembles a way for me to rebuild my life.⁣

We left Syria on May 30, 2013 and lived in Egypt for seven years. We had to leave Syria because I was so scared for my children. You could hear bombings everywhere.⁣

One day there was a bomb explosion at my 12-year-old son’s secondary school. I got a call to say they couldn’t find him. Everything was going through my mind, I didn’t know if he was alive. After two hours I found him at a friend’s house, they were so scared.⁣

We had to leave our city when our house was destroyed by a bomb. My husband and I were home. I just can’t talk about it, it is too painful to go back there. We lived at my parents’ house for a year until we moved to Egypt. Leaving your country behind is like leaving your heart behind.⁣

We moved to the UK in 2019. I love the pure air, the pure smell and peace in my town in Nottinghamshire. My three children are at college and universities. I’m a graduate in English Literature and looking for a job.⁣
My husband is an Arabic and Islamic studies teacher. He is now studying to become a maths teacher.⁣

This is the same crochet hook I learned with, and I still use. It holds many memories for me. I learned during a time when we had lost everything. The crochet stick resembles a way for me to rebuild my life. I miss my brothers and their children so much but I am now crocheting a new life.⁣

Lubna, one of our incredible Sanctuary Ambassadors, told her story to The Daily Mirror through the perspective of an object she brought with her. See all the stories at People Move