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Take a stand against the Rwanda scheme

A few weeks ago people power meant a plane due to take refugees to Rwanda did not take off. But now this government is planning another flight. The fight is not over.

The Rwanda scheme will see people who came to the UK hoping to find safety instead forcefully removed to a country they have no connection to, thousands of miles away, with no way back. It will tear families apart, destroy lives and undermine the Refugee Convention.
Together we can beat this barbaric plan. Here’s what you can do:

Tell the airlines: don’t remove people to Rwanda. For this cruel plan to work, they need planes to fly people – and airlines can choose whether to play a part. Follow
Freedom From Torture’s simple steps and make your voice heard.
2) Call on your MP to take a stand. Remeber that they work for you. It takes less than two minutes to email your MP using BiD Detention’s handy tools and templates. 

3) It is essential that this government is properly held to account. Our friends at

Care4Calais and Detention Actionare challenging this shameful deal in the courts. If you can, chip into help with the legal costs.
4) Plan a local demo. Let us know and we will help publicise it. Remember to share on socials and invite your local newspaper.
The next flight is thought to be in a few weeks – we need to all make noise about it, now.
#TogetherWithRefugees, always